3kW Solar System Price in Pakistan-2024

By | March 13, 2024

3kW Solar System Price in Pakistan

Let’s start by discussing how much a 3kv solar system costs in Pakistan. A number of variables, including the caliber of the panels, the installer, and any extra features or services you may require, might affect the cost.
In Pakistan, a 3kw solar system will typically cost you between PKR 300,000 and PKR 400,000. Even while solar panels seem like a big investment, you should keep in mind that they can drastically lower your monthly electricity bills, which will save you money over time. Additionally, you will contribute to a greener world by utilizing renewable energy sources.

The total cost of a 3 kW solar system in Pakistan

Item DetailsQuantityPriceTotal
Inverex Nitrox 3kw Hybrid Solar Inverter01 Qty230000230000
Solar Panels A Grade
5 Qty25000125000
H-Beam=Galvanized 16G 8’/12′
01 Qty6000060000
Protection devices, accessories, and DC cables (PV)
Changeover, Volt Meter, D.B., Mora Reverse Protection Device, DC Breaker PV, DC Breaker Battery, and so on.
01 LS3500035000
Double Pit, Lighting Arrestor, SPDs
01 LS6000060000
Net Metering (3P Inverter Installed)
NEPRA fees and Dues
01 LS9500095000
Labor Charges
Installation of all indoor and outdoor appliances
01 LS1500015000
Transportation towards site
01 LS50005000
3kW Solar System Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, hundreds of homes utilize between 300 and 400 units of electricity each month. However, because of the higher electricity tariff per unit and additional taxes levied by the Pakistani government and the local energy supplier, they still have to pay higher electricity bills even though their use is lower. A 3kW solar PV system is the greatest option for such residences that pay more but use less energy.
A 3kW solar system is the best option for you to get rid of your electricity costs for the next 25 years if your use is between 300 and 400 units.

As of today, March 20, 24th, the cost of a 3kW solar system in Pakistan, which includes a 5kW solar inverter, Tier 1 solar panels, mounting framework, and the installation of 2 tubular batteries, is just Rs. 600,000.

An overview of a 3kW system’s features, energy production capacity, cost in Pakistan, and applications that work best with them are all included in this article. The cost of on-grid and hybrid solar systems will also be covered, with a variety of options for selecting preferred solar panel brands and solar inverters that might affect the final cost of a 3kW solar system in Pakistan.

On-Grid 3kW Solar System Price in Pakistan

A solar system that is connected to both the grid’s energy and its solar panels is called an on-grid or grid-tied system. When your electricity demand surpasses the system power generation or during the night when the solar panels are not producing electricity, the inverter in an on-grid solar system has the ability to switch to grid electricity.

If you want to add net metering to your 3kW on-grid solar system, you will need to install at least 5kW of inverters. The cost of the 3kW system will increase to 800,000 PKR when net metering is added.

On-Grid 3kw Solar System Price in Pakistan with 5KW  Fox Inverter

Fox inverters are becoming more and more well-liked in the Pakistani solar market because of their affordability, performance, and dependability. In Pakistan, about PKR 800,000 will get you a 3kW on-grid solar system with a 5kW Fox inverter.

Hybrid 3kW Solar System Price in Pakistan

The most popular hybrid solar system in Pakistan is the 3kW model, which offers a few hours of backup electricity for usage at night or during blackouts. Hybrid inverters, sometimes called multi-mode inverters, require the installation of solar panels in order to include batteries as a backup alternative. They have no trouble alternating between grid power, battery power, and solar panel power.

In Pakistan, Alpha Solar offers premium 3kW solar systems at reasonable prices.

The kind and quantity of batteries you add to your system will also affect the cost of a hybrid 3kW solar system installed in Pakistan. Typically, the 3kW solar panels are supplemented with two 185 amp batteries. You will have to pay more than Rs 58,000 for each 12V battery. Moreover, the cost of hybrid inverters would affect the system’s overall cost because they are more expensive than on-grid inverters.

The cost of a 3kW hybrid solar system with batteries in Pakistan

The most popular solar system in Pakistan is the 3kW hybrid system, which offers even more advantages when net metering is included. The cost of a 3kW hybrid inverter and installation for a hybrid solar system in Pakistan comes to about Rs. 580,000. A 3kW hybrid system that uses batteries can set you back about Rs. 700,000, depending on the kind and capacity of the batteries you select.

• The cost of a 3kW hybrid solar system with batteries in Pakistan is Rs. 700,000 PKR.

• The cost of a 3kW hybrid solar system without batteries in Pakistan is Rs. 580,000.

Cost of a 3 kW hybrid solar system in Pakistan including a Solarmax Falcon inverter

The efficiency and dependability of Solarmax Falcon inverters have earned them an outstanding reputation. Falcon inverters guarantee peak performance thanks to their outstanding AC to DC conversion capabilities. The cost of a 3kW hybrid solar system with a Falcon Inverter should run you about 600,000 Pakistani rupees.

What Is Included In A 3kW Solar System?

Product affordability, efficiency, and quality are always priorities for Solar. We have developed a solid name in the solar industry over the years and a win-win partnership with our clients.

The Tier 1 solar panels in Solar’s 3kW solar system package are from companies like Longi, Jinko, Canadian, JA, Trina, and so on. A premium 3kW inverter, mounting hardware, DC connections, breakers, and batteries (if a hybrid system is being installed) are all included in the package.

Which Inverter Is Ideal for a 3kW Solar System?

Making an informed decision is essential because the inverter is a key component that affects a solar system’s effectiveness and efficiency. High-performing solar inverters are our top priority at Alpha Solar for the best possible system performance. We have selected the top solar inverters for 3kW systems by drawing on our experience working with solar systems in Pakistan. For a 3kW solar system, the following solar inverters are suggested:

Pakistan’s List of 3kW On-Grid Solar Inverters

  • SMA Solar Inverters
  • GoodWe Solar Inverters
  • Fronius Solar Inverters
  • Abb Solar Inverters
  • Tranergy Solar Inverters
  • Solis Solar Inverters
  • Infini Solar Inverters
  • Huawei Solar Inverters
  • Suntwin Solar Inverters

Pakistan’s List of 3kW Hybrid Solar Inverters

  • Solarmax Inverter
  • Inverex Nitrox Inverter
  • Infini Solar Inverters
  • GOODWE Solar Inverters

Which appliances are compatible with a 3kW solar system?

The majority of appliances in a typical home that uses little more than 12 units per day can be powered by a 3kw solar system. This is a list of every appliance that a 3 kW solar system can power.

  • Fans: 4
  • LED Bulbs: 15
  • Refrigerator: 1
  • Led TV: 2
  • Internet Device: 1
300-3503KW Solar System in Pakistan
500-6005KW Solar System in Pakistan
1100-120010KW Solar System in Pakistan
1700-180015KW Solar System in Pakistan
2300-240020KW Solar System in Pakistan
2800-300025KW Solar System in Pakistan
3500-360030KW Solar System in Pakistan
4000-420035KW Solar System in Pakistan
3kW Solar System Price in Pakistan

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