Solar panel price in Pakistan[15 May 2024]

By | May 16, 2024

Solar panel price in Pakistan

Solar panels have become a cheap and sustainable source of electricity generation in Pakistan, a country where daily power outages are a routine occurrence. In-depth discussion of solar panel prices in Pakistan today, along with an emphasis on the technology’s importance, providers, and advantages and disadvantages, will be covered in this piece.

Solar Panel Price List [15 May 2024]:

The price range for solar panel in Pakistan as of May 15, 2024, is between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 56,100. There are many various types of solar panels available on the market, each suited to a particular budget and energy need. A thorough list of solar panel models that are available in Pakistan, along with information on their costs and wattage specs, is provided below:

Brand & SpecificationsPrice Per WattsTotal price per plateStatus
Trina  solar panel A grade 550W panel price3921450on booking
ZN Shine 545W single glass A grad Price3820710out of stock
Maysun 550W A grade  solar panel price3820900In stock
RENA Solar Panel price Bificial 575W N Type watt a grade4123575In stock
huasun solar panels price in Pakistan 730W4432120In stock
Solar panel price in Pakistan[15 May 2024]

Longi solar panel price in Pakistan [15 May 2024]

BrandPrice Per WattsPanel priceStatus
Longi Hi-Mo 6 565/ 575/ 570/ 580/ 585W single glass size 90/454023400In-stock
Longi Hi-Mo 7 580W single glass 18 bus bar n type size 90/454526100In-stock
Longi HiMo 5 560/555W single glass p type mono facial panel size 90/454022200In-stock
Longi HiMo 5 540/535W single glass p type Bificial 90/454223100In-stock
Solar panel price in Pakistan[15 May 2024]

JA solar panel price [15 May 2024]

BrandPrice Per WattsPanel priceStatus
JA N type Bificial 580W 16 bus bar 45/92 size4224360In-stock
JA 540W single glass A grad documented Price 45/90 size3820520In-stock
JA 565W single glrass tier one Agrade 45/92 size3821470In-stock
JA 550W Bifical/double glass tier one Agrade 45/92 size3820900In-stock
Solar panel price in Pakistan[15 May 2024]

Jinko solar panel price [15 May 2024]

Brandprice per wattspanel pricestatus
Jinko N type 580W a grade documented price4324940In-stock
Jinko N type 580W bifacial solar panels4526100In-stock
jinko p type a grade tier 1  solar panel 555W3919147In-stock
jinko p type a grade tier 1  solar panel 560W3921645In-stock
jinko p type Bificial a grade tier 1 solar panel 540W4424840In-stock
Solar panel price in Pakistan[15 May 2024]

Canadian solar panels price [15 May 2024]

BrandPrice Per WattsPanel priceStatus
Canadian Topcon solar panel 575-W price4626450in stock
650 Canadian W solar panel price in Pakistan3924050in stock
Canadian 555W Tier 1 single glass a grade documented3921645in stock
 Canadian 545W single glass a grade price3921255in stock
 Canadian 550W single glass a grade price3921450in stock
Solar panel price in Pakistan[15 May 2024]

The cost of solar panel in Pakistan [15 May 2024]

The grade or quality of solar panels is one of many elements that affect its pricing in Pakistan. Since I started working in the solar industry five years ago, the sector has expanded at an exponential rate. The market for solar panels is rising as a result of rising oil and electricity costs because they are an initial investment with long-term advantages. Pakistan offers plenty of sunshine throughout the entire day. The future of energy has been heralded as solar power. Solar energy is a financially and environmentally sound option. In the future, it can help everyone on the planet.

Categories of solar panel:

The industry offers a wide variety of solar panel kinds. Polycrystalline, thin-film, and monocrystalline panels are among them. Each is priced differently and offers a unique set of benefits. Due to their excellent efficiency, monocrystalline panels are typically less expensive than polycrystalline ones. Although thin-film panels are less costly, their efficiency is lower. Making an informed decision based on requirements and budget can be facilitated by understanding the differences between them.

Installation Manuals

The size of your solar system affects the price of solar plates in Pakistan as well. Costs will increase for larger installations and more power. The quantity of panels needed and the difficulty of installation have an impact on costs. We offer solar panel consulting; with what system do you get your daily energy needs met? I have almost five years of professional solar experience with my team. We will evaluate your energy requirements and provide you with a precise quote. Solar panels of 550 watts or 540 watts to 580 watts are the most common sizes.

Latest Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

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