5kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan-2024

By | March 14, 2024

5kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

A Complete Guide: Overview

In order to convert the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) for usage in household and commercial settings, a 5kW solar inverter is essential. It’s critical to comprehend the characteristics and costs of the 5kW solar inverters on the market if you’re thinking about setting up a 5kW solar power system in Pakistan. We will examine the costs, features, and leading manufacturers of 5kW solar inverters in this extensive guide to help you choose wisely for your solar power purchase.

5kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

5kW solar inverters can cost as much as 400,000 rupees, with prices starting at 150,000. A 5kW Growatt on-grid inverter, for example, costs about Rs. 245,000. On the other hand, a Huawei 5kW on-grid will set you back Rs. 350,000. In a similar vein, Fronious in Inverex offers 3-phase solutions, the cost of which would be far higher than Rs. 400,000. Yet even with the three-phase option, many would be less expensive.

In terms of 5kW hybrid inverters, prices range from Rs. 190,000 to Rs. 200,000, depending on the brand. The same is true for inverters that are 5kW off-grid.

5kW Single-Phase Inverter

5kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan: You can use this Inverex single-phase on-grid converter without having to pay the WAPDA since it can provide the grid station with additional solar energy. Sixteen thousand watts of solar panels may be supported by an Inverex Nitrox 5kW Hybrid Inverter. A maximum of 600 watts of solar panels can be used with this twin MPPT type. The price of an Inverex 5kW inverter in Pakistan in 2024 is 366000, and after the deal, you can also receive a special discount.

Leading Pakistani Brands of 5kW Solar Inverters

5kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan: To help you in your quest for Pakistan’s top 5kW solar inverters, let’s examine a few of the top brands:

SMA Solar Technology: SMA solar inverters have a reputation for being dependable and highly efficient. They provide remote monitoring and grid stability, among other cutting-edge grid management functions. SMA inverters provide users with piece of mind by way of extensive warranties.

Huawei: Huawei solar inverters are well-known for their cutting-edge technology and advanced energy management capabilities. They offer excellent efficiency and a smooth solar panel integration. Huawei inverters facilitate effective energy management and grid integration by virtue of their smart grid features.

Solis: The performance and price of Solis solar inverters are well-known. They provide dependable operation, great efficiency, and cutting-edge MPPT technology. The reputation of Solis inverters is

GoodWe: GoodWe inverters are efficient and long-lasting. They include sophisticated MPPT algorithms, extensive protection measures, and remote monitoring capabilities. To meet a variety of installation needs, GoodWe provides a selection of 5kW solar inverters with varying specs.
Fronius: Fronius solar inverters are renowned for their cutting-edge characteristics, which include dependable operation and great efficiency. They ensure optimal system performance and simple troubleshooting by providing intelligent monitoring and communication capabilities.

BrandModelEfficiency %WarrantyPrice Range
SMA Solar TechnologyModel X198%10 years150,000 – 200,000
HuaweiModel SUN200097.5%10 years120,000 – 160,000
SolisModel 5G97%5 years90,000 – 110,000
GoodWeModel DNS96%5 years80,000 – 100,000
FroniusModel Primo96.5%5 years100,000 – 130,000

Characteristics and Types of 5kw Solar Inverters

5kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan: There are several types of solar inverters, such as single-phase, three-phase, and pure sine wave inverters. The cutting-edge technology that integrates solar energy with other power sources is reflected in the pricing of the 5kva solar hybrid inverter in Pakistan. The growing popularity of hybrid inverters can be attributed to their efficiency and capacity to deliver energy stability.

Utilizing 5kw Solar Inverters

The numerous uses for a 5kva inverter price in Pakistan demonstrate its adaptability. These inverters can support a range of systems, such as standalone solar systems and backup power options, in residential buildings as well as small enterprises. These inverters are a wise purchase for anyone wishing to switch to renewable energy sources because of their versatility.

Benefits of Purchasing a 5kw Solar Inverter

Purchasing a 5kva solar system in Pakistan has a number of benefits. These inverters can result in large electricity bill savings and are made to optimize the usage of solar energy while reducing dependency on the grid. They also significantly contribute to a future that is greener and more sustainable by lowering carbon footprints.


5kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan: A dependable and effective 5kW solar inverter is essential if you want to get the most out of your solar power system in Pakistan. You may choose a 5kW solar inverter that best suits your needs and budget by researching the costs, features, and leading brands. Think about things like brand reputation, efficiency, warranty, and compatibility with your solar panel system. To get the best 5kW solar inverter for your needs, speak with reliable solar experts. Then, take advantage of the advantages of environmentally friendly, economical, and sustainable energy.

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