Phoenix TX 2500 230 AMP Tubular Battery Price in Pakistan-2024

By | May 14, 2024

Tubular Battery Price

Because of its unique tubular form, the Phoenix 175 amp Tall Tubular Battery is excellent. Unlike normal lead acid batteries, tubular design has some advantages and makes it different from common batteries. Nowadays, tubular batteris are the top of the line option for solar needs.

Phoenix TX 1400 175 amp battery’s efficiency

Because it was created specifically for use in solar systems and inverters, the Phoenix Battery TX 1400 tubular offers great efficiency and a long lifespan. In the event of a power outage, the battery’s deep cycle capability enables it to offer a durable backup. Phoenix Battery TX 1400 is a 175 ah product that runs at 12 volts and provides effective energy storage for a variety of uses.


A one-year warranty is included with the Phoenix 175 amp battery. You feel reassured and at ease with it. This guarantee shows that the manufacturer is confident in the product’s build quality and longevity. We can file a warranty claim if, regrettably, the product experiences a malfunction within a year.

Price of Phoenix TX 2500 230 AMP Tubular Battery

In Pakistan, tubular batteries have a maximum cost of Rs. 73,460 and an estimated average cost of Rs. 48,467. Price is available from throughout Pakistan, including in several places such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, and Faisalabad.

The Phoenix TX-1400 Tall Tubular Battery is reasonably priced and has a competitive price. Please Take Note: As of this writing, Pakistani buyers can get the Phoenix TX-1400 for Rs. 55,000.

Characteristics of Phoenix TX 2500 230 AMP Tubular Battery:

Technology of Tubular Batteries:

Utilizing tubular battery technology, the Phoenix TX 2500 230 AMP Tubular Battery offers unmatched performance and dependability. Because of their strong build and resistance to deep discharges, tubular batteries are well-suited for applications where consistent power storage is crucial. Compared to traditional battery designs, the Phoenix TX 2500 has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance since it uses tubular technology, which assures improved electrode strength and minimizes the chance of internal short circuits.

Large Capacity Tubular Architecture:

The Phoenix TX 2500 provides enough power storage to satisfy the needs of different residential, commercial, and industrial applications thanks to its 230 ampere-hour (AH) capacity. The effective electrolyte circulation provided by the high capacity tubular architecture preserves ideal operating conditions and inhibits performance deterioration over time. Because of its sturdy design, the Phoenix TX 2500 can provide dependable power production for an endless number of charge-discharge cycles, which makes it an affordable option for long-term energy storage requirements.

Outstanding Results in Demanding Situations:

Even under the most severe circumstances, the Phoenix TX 2500 230 AMP Tubular Battery excels in providing a constant power output. Because of its tubular design, which promotes effective electrolyte circulation, it performs best in high temperatures, frequent power outages, and extended usage cycles. The Phoenix TX 2500 is a great option for important applications where continuous power is necessary because of its outstanding performance, which offers piece of mind in any setting.

Sturdy Construction for Extended Life:

With its durable external shell, the Phoenix TX 2500 provides defense from environmental elements and physical harm, guaranteeing dependable and secure performance in a range of conditions. The tubular battery’s sturdy construction increases its resilience to wear and tear, even under adverse circumstances. Its maintenance-free design and endurance minimize the need for frequent maintenance, giving consumers hassle-free power storage without compromising performance or dependability.

Flexible Applications and Enhanced User Experience:

The Phoenix TX 2500 230 AMP Tubular Battery is made to satisfy the various demands of companies, organizations, and homeowners looking for dependable power storage options. The Phoenix TX 2500 excels in offering effective and user-friendly power storage solutions, whether it is utilized as part of a wider energy management system, as a backup power source for critical appliances, or as renewable energy storage for off-grid applications. It is the go-to option for both experts and discriminating customers due to its many uses and ease of usage.


Because of its unique tubular form, the Phoenix 175 amp Tall Tubular Battery is excellent. The tubular design of this battery has some advantages over regular lead acid batteries, setting it apart from the competition. These days, the best alternative for solar demands is a tubular battery.

Advantages of the battery:

  • Deep cycle capacity for a sustained energy source.
  • ideal for inverters and solar systems.
  • It has a 175 Ah capacity and runs at 12 volts.
  • Strength and durability are maintained by the tubular shape.
  • A Year-End Promise for Continued Contentment.


  • costly
  • For certain users, the 55 kg weight may be too much.

In conclusion

To sum up, the Phoenix TX 2500 230 AMP Tubular Battery provides unparalleled performance, longevity, and dependability. With its high capacity design, adaptable uses, and tubular battery technology, it is a superior option for a range of energy storage requirements. The Phoenix TX 2500 sets a new benchmark for quality in energy storage solutions by providing constant and predictable power for both commercial and residential backup applications.

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