Solar System Price In Pakistan 2024

By | March 13, 2024

Solar System Price In Pakistan

“Solar offers solar packages in various sizes for your convenience. The cost of a solar system in Pakistan is unparalleled; a hybrid 3kW system without batteries starts at just RS. 545,000, while 6kW, 10kW, and 12kW solar systems cost RS. 1,050,000, RS. 2,050,000, and RS. 2,350,000. Furthermore, customized solar systems made to meet your unique demands and specifications are also offered in Pakistan at a significantly cheaper cost than standard solar systems.”

3kW solar systems price in Pakistan

Your one-stop shop for reasonably priced 3kW solar systems in Pakistan is Being a top supplier in the solar sector, we are aware of the increasing demand for dependable and reasonably priced renewable energy options. Our 3kW solar systems are built to satisfy the power demands of small commercial and residential buildings, guaranteeing a renewable and environmentally responsible energy source for your requirements. The Inverex Nitrox 3kw hybrid inverter is the finest choice for a 3kw solar system.

As of January 2024, the cost of a 3 kW solar system in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 450000 to Rs. 600000, and it can produce 300–400 units, saving you money right away.

10kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

10kW solar systems’ affordability is one of their main benefits. We recognize the value of offering reasonably priced solutions, and our pricing structure is made to accommodate a range of financial limitations. The dependability and efficiency of our products, along with our affordable rates, make the go-to option for clients looking to install a 10kW solar system in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the cost of a 10 kW solar system in March 2024 will range from Rs. 1150000 to Rs. 1450000, excluding net-metering fees and batteries.

In Pakistan, a 10 kW on-grid solar system will cost between Rs. 1150000 and Rs. 1350000 in March 2024, excluding net-metering fees. Almost 1200–1400 units can be produced monthly with a 10 kW solar system.

5kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

The cost of a 5 kW solar system in Pakistan, including the solar panels, hybrid inverter, installation fees, and mounting structures, is estimated to be between Rs. 770000 and Rs. 900000 as of March 2024. Installing a 5 kW solar system can result in a 100% reduction in your electricity costs.

500–600 units can be produced weekly with a 5 kW solar system. 12 LED lights, 1 TV, 1 laptop, 1 iron/water motor, 4-6 fans, and a 1.5 ton inverter AC may all be operated.

6kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a 6 kW solar system now costs between Rs. 650000 and Rs. 1000000 as of March 2024. comprising the hybrid inverter, solar panels, building, pipes, wires, boards, transport costs, and installation fees.

8kW Hybrid Solar System Price in Pakistan

The 8kW Hybrid Solar System combines solar panels and batteries to generate and store electricity. It’s suitable for medium to large-sized households or small businesses. This system can provide significant energy savings and partial independence from the grid, making it a reliable and sustainable energy solution.

  • System Specifics
  • 15 × 555W Solar Module, Tier 1
  • One 8kW 48-volt Solarmax Orion solar inverter
  • Four 12-volt, 185-ah tubular batteries
  • Fixing Framework G.I. Sheet 14 Gauge
  • Box, AC and DC Breakers, DC Wire, etc.
  • Installation and Free After-Sale Services for Two Years
  • Prices for batteries are not included.
  • 1,350,000 rupees

12kW Hybrid Solar System Price in Pakistan

The 12kW Hybrid Solar System integrates solar panels with battery storage, offering ample power for larger homes or small commercial properties. This system ensures substantial energy savings and enhanced resilience by providing backup power during grid outages. Ideal for those seeking significant energy independence and environmental sustainability.

  • System Specifics
  • 22 × 555W Solar Module, Tier 1
  • Two 6kW 48-volt Inverex Nitrox solar inverters
  • Four 12-volt, 185-ah tubular batteries
  • Fixing Framework G.I. Sheet 14 Gauge
  • Box, AC and DC Breakers, DC Wire, etc.
  • Installation and Free After-Sale Services for Two Years
  • Prices for batteries are not included.
  • 2,040,000 rupees

15kW Solar System price in Pakistan

A 15kW solar system typically costs between PKR 2.3 and 2.9 million.

With net metering, on-grid 15kW systems can drastically lower electricity bills; they usually cost between PKR 2.35 and 2.45 million. Hybrid systems can cost between PKR 2.5 and 2.7 million and offer backup power in addition to grid-tied efficiency. Finally, because significant battery storage is required, off-grid 15kW systems—which are ideal for rural locations or enterprises with urgent power requirements—can cost anywhere from PKR 2.7 to 3.1 million.

20kW Solar System price in Pakistan

For Pakistani businesses and small industries, the 20kW solar system is an effective option. A 20kW solar system will typically cost you between PKR 3 million and 3.2 million.

20kW on-grid systems are an affordable choice; they commonly cost between PKR 3 million and PKR 3.2 million. Hybrid systems can cost anywhere from PKR 3.4 to 2.6 million and offer backup power and grid-tied efficiency. The 20kW off-grid solution can set you back more than $4 million because of the enormous battery bank it needs.

Pakistan’s Average Cost of a Solar System

Solar System Price In Pakistan
Solar System Price In Pakistan

Solar System Price In Pakistan. In Pakistan, a solar system typically costs between Rs. 160 and Rs. 200 per watt. The price of the solar panels, inverters, installation, hardware, civil works and earthing, net metering, and mounting structure are all included in this.

Based on this, you should budget between Rs. 800,000 and Rs. 1 million for the installation of a 5kW solar system.

However, this is only the average cost; due to the unstable market, solar panel costs vary on a daily basis (refer to the graph below). Your goals, preferred component quality, the costs of solar panels that day, and other factors will all affect the final cost of your solar system.

There are situations in which establishing a 5kW system may cost you as little as Rs. 700,000 (including net metering). However, in such a case, you would have to install B-grade solar panels from a reputable brand, which would mean sacrificing quality. Per watt, B-grade solar panels are a few thousand rupees less expensive than A-grade solar panels.

It would be appropriate to provide you with the prices of each piece of equipment so you have a better notion. In this manner, you can calculate the cost of a desired solar system.

Price of Solar Panels

An essential part of any solar power system are solar panels. Solar panel prices in Pakistan can vary based on a number of variables, such as the kind and brand of panels. The costs shown below are for high-quality solar panels from reliable manufacturers like JA, Jinko, and Longi.

The average cost for a watt (W) of solar panel capacity is between PKR 55 and PKR 60. The cost as of December 2023 is this. These were about Rs. 120–128 per watt at the beginning of 2023, but as you can see from the graph below, prices have drastically decreased as a result of the PKR’s recent appreciation and the ease of import. Thus, the cost of a single 550W Longi panel might be about $33,000.

Cost of Inverter

Solar System Price In Pakistan. There is a significant disparity in inverter costs between the various models. There are various kinds of inverters: from locally made, mediocre grade units to imported, high-quality units. The single- or three-phase kind of inverter affects its cost as well.

Regarding range, the cost of an inverter might vary according on the manufacturer you choose, from PKR 35,000 to PKR 60,000 per kW. Thus, a 5kW inverter can be purchased for approximately Rs. 200,000–300,000. Keep in mind that the brand has a big impact on inverter pricing; certain brands have 5kW inverters that retail for about PKR 180,00.

Nevertheless, the inverter’s cost per watt price is not linear; rather, it decreases as the inverter’s size increases. A decent 5kW inverter, for instance, would cost 300,000, a 10kW inverter, about 500,000, and a 15kW inverter, about 600,000. In other words, the cost per watt for 5kW is 60,000, whereas for 10kW and 15kW, it is 50,000 and 40,000, respectively.

Some 3-phase inverters, like the Inverex Fronius, can cost up to $100,000 per kW, making them relatively pricey.

Cost of Solar Batteries

Solar System Price In Pakistan. It is important to consider the cost of batteries when installing an off-grid or hybrid system. Depending on the kind of technology you desire, there is a significant variance in the cost of the battery. But I’ll give you an estimate: you’ll pay between PKR 50,000 and 80,000 for a single 200Ah lead acid. Lithium batteries are relatively costly when it comes to price. A single battery can occasionally run you up to PKR 500,000, even though it has a higher capacity than a 200Ah lead-acid battery.

Cost of Installation

An additional expense that you will need to factor into the total cost of solar power systems is professional installation. The project’s complexity, location, and labor expenses all affect installation prices. The average installation price in Pakistan is between PKR 10,000 and PKR 20,000 per kW.

I would advise using only qualified installers to make sure the system is configured correctly for optimal effectiveness and security. Because a company’s workmanship and installation expertise play a major role in the installation of solar systems. If you hire a local electrician to do it, you can have issues.

Solar System Price in Pakistan: Concluding Thoughts

As we’ve seen, there’s no universally applicable response to the query, “How much does a solar system cost in Pakistan?” The issue is that there are simply too many moving parts. Tell us if you’re interested in going solar, and we’ll work with you to create a system that will meet all of your requirements. Naturally, we also want to maintain affordability for our clients without sacrificing quality.

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