Trina Bifacial N-Type 570 595 Watts Solar Panel Price in Pakistan-2024

By | May 16, 2024

Trina Bifacial N-Type 570 595 Watts Solar Panel Price

A great renewable option for Pakistani residential and commercial customers is the Trina N-Type 570-595 Watt Solar Panel. Because of its high level of durability and up-to-date technology, it is perfect for all Pakistani weather scenarios. It may also produce a lot of power in areas with comparatively little sunlight because to its high efficiency and power output. In addition to its ability to tolerate temperatures of up to 85 degrees, it is extremely safe against dust storms.

Trina Bifacial N-Type 570-595 Watt Solar Panel Price

Trina N-Type solar panels are reasonably priced given their superior quality and cutting-edge technology. The Trina N-Type 565 Watt Solar Panel is reasonably priced and has a reasonable price. Please take note that Trina N-Type Solar Panels are now priced at Rs. 34,000 in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, Trina Solar Panels range in price from Rs. 20,600 at the lowest to Rs. 55,000 at the highest, with an estimated average price of Rs. 44,364. Prices are available from Bloggzone,pro throughout Pakistan, including in numerous locations such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, and Faisalabad.

Product NamePrice
Trina 595-W Bi-Facial N Type Mono Solar PanelRs. 24,585/-
Trina 590-W Mono Perc Solar PanelRs. 23,600/-
Trina 545-W Half Cut Mono Perc Solar PanelRs. 53,500/-
Trina Vertex 540-W Half Cut Mono Perc Solar PanelRs. 52,000/-
Trina Vertex 535-W Half Cut Mono Perc Solar PanelRs. 51,500/-
Trina 550-W Mono Half Cut Solar PanelRs. 54,000/-

Trina Bifacial N-Type Key Features

High-efficiency solar panels like the Trina Bifacial N-Type 570–595 Watt solar panel are made to capture energy from both direct sunlight and reflected light from objects close by or the ground. This panel may have the following important features:

Capable of Technology:

When compared to conventional monofacial solar panels, bifacial solar panels produce more energy overall since they are made to capture sunlight on both sides of the panel.

N-Type Silicon:
Compared to P-type silicon, which is frequently used in traditional solar panels, N-type silicon is recognized for having higher efficiency and superior performance in a variety of climatic situations.

Elevated Power Output:
These panels can produce a substantial quantity of electricity, with a power output ranging from 570 to 595 watts, which makes them appropriate for both home and commercial uses.

Trina solar panels are generally regarded as being dependable and long-lasting. These panels could be made using premium components and construction to endure inclement weather and guarantee long-term functionality.

Modern Manufacturing Techniques:

To guarantee constant performance and dependability across its product line, Trina Solar may use sophisticated manufacturing techniques and quality control procedures.

Low-Light Efficiency:
Because bifacial panels can capture reflected light from the ground or adjacent surfaces, they may perform better in low light. One example of this is the Trina Bifacial N-Type series.

Frame Style:
With options for rooftop and ground-mounted installations, the frame design of these panels may provide both structural support and ease of installation.

To ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, Trina Solar panels frequently come with a variety of certifications, including UL, IEC, and TÜV Rheinland.


These panels could have a performance warranty that ensures a specific level of power output for a predetermined amount of time, in addition to a warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.

Trina Solar panels offer versatility in system design and integration because they are generally compatible with a broad range of inverters and mounting options.

The Trina Bifacial N-Type 570-595 Watt solar panel is an appealing option for anyone looking for high-efficiency solar solutions with superior performance and dependability because of these attributes taken together.

Trina N-Type Solar Panel Efficiency

With a module efficiency of up to 22.0%, the Trina N-Type Solar Panel has an excellent level of efficiency. Your ability to lower your carbon footprint and save money on electricity bills will increase with the amount of light it can convert into electricity. The Trina N-Type Solar Panel will prove to be reliable regardless of the weather conditions, be it sunny or cloudy.

The Trina N-Type Solar Panel’s Benefits

The Trina N-Type Solar Panel has a plethora of benefits. This solar panel has great power, durability, dependability, and efficiency. This solar panel works with parts from popular manufacturers. This means that integrating it with any existing system won’t present any problems for you. Purchasing Trina N-Type Solar Panels will result in shorter payback periods, lower LCOE, and cheaper BOS expenses. Why then do we have to wait for it?

Key characteristics of solar panels of the Trina N type

Numerous features of the Trina N-Type Solar Panel increase its durability and efficiency. Every component, whether it be an IP 68-rated J-Box, 132 cells, AR-coated glass with high transmission, or an N-type solar cell, is designed to achieve the best possible performance. This solar panel has an aluminum alloy frame that is quite sturdy. The heat-strengthened glass has excellent durability as well. Because of its PID resistance, it performs significantly better than other panels.

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