5kw Solar System Price in Pakistan-2024

By | March 12, 2024

5kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

5kw Solar System Price in Pakistan 2024. Pakistan is experiencing a daily spike in demand for 5 kW solar systems, primarily due to rising electricity prices, power interruptions, and load shedding. You can save hundreds of rupees a month with a 5 kW solar system, and you can attain zero electricity bills with net metering.

A 5kv solar system is the best option for your home if it uses 600–700 units of electricity a month or more. A 5 kW solar system can power most home appliances with its monthly output of over 600 units, on average.

A 5 kW solar system in Pakistan costs between 1,000,000 and 1,100,000 PKR, including the solar inverter, mounting structure (without net-metering), and installation charges. A 5 kW solar system in Pakistan would set you back between 1,150,000 and 1,200,000 rupees, which will take care of the solar inverter, mounting structure (should Net-Metering be employed), and installation fees. A 5 kW solar system has a number of benefits, although some may find the initial outlay to be excessive.

Use our free, no-obligation quote and free survey options if you’re thinking about building a 5kv solar system. Alpha Solar will provide you with the appropriate guidance if you’re still unclear about how much electricity you use or what kilowatt system is optimal for you.

5kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

Product NamePrice
Inverex Yukon II 5.6KW Hybrid Solar InverterRs. 190,000/-
Knox Argon VM II (3Kw) Off-Grid Solar_InverterRs. 130,000/-
Knox Argon VM II 5Kw OFF-Grid Solar InverterRs. 165,000/-
KNOX ASW_T 5KW 3 Phase On Grid Solar InverterRs. 235,000/-
Knox KRYPTON 6KW PV8000W Infini Hybrid_Solar_InverterRs. 230,000/-
NS VM II 3.6Kw PV5000 Solar Hybrid InverterRs. 135,000/-
Power Square Infini V 3 Twin 6kw Hybrid_InverterRs. 190,500/-
Power Square VM III Twin 4kw Off-Grid InverterRs. 140,500/-
Power Square VM III Twin 6kw Off-Grid InverterRs. 163,500/-
Solax 5Kw On-Grid Solar InverterRs. 212,000/-
Solis 5kW Wi-Fi-3P On-Grid Solar InverterRs. 311,520/-
Sungrow 5 KW On-grid Solar InverterRs. 320,000/-
Ziewnic MARVEL 1.5KVA 1500VA Hybrid Solar InverterRs. 40,000/-
Fox 10KW On Grid Solar InverterRs. 294,000/-
5kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

Electricity Units per Month

To run your appliances on solar electricity, you will require a 5kW system if your normal monthly expense is in the 500–600 unit range.

The Available System Types:

There are three primary varieties of this 5kW solar system, which is mostly utilized in the residential sector. The categories offered are:

Pakistani 5-kW On-Grid Solar System

By connecting to the utility station, these Grid-Tie Systems act as virtual batteries, storing excess current there. This makes it possible to do net metering activities for further advantages. In Pakistan, Premier Energy offers the most competitive and reasonably priced On-Grid Solar System Prices.

Pakistani 5-KW Off-Grid Solar System

These off-grid solar systems that run on batteries offer backup power in the event of a blackout or load shedding, however net metering is not supported. In Pakistan, Premier Energy offers the most competitive and reasonably priced off-grid solar system prices.

Pakistani 5KW Hybrid Solar System

Because these systems carry out two tasks, they offer two advantages. They serve as both off-grid solutions that enable battery connection and grid tie by establishing a link with the utility. Although a bit pricey, these hybrid systems are the most sensible options. In Pakistan, Premier Energy offers the most economical and high-quality hybrid solar system prices.

In Pakistan, inverters range in price from Rs. 75,000 at the lowest to Rs. 450,000 at the highest. Purchase Inverex, Tesla, Chint, Solis, Goodwe, Solax, JFY, Maxpower, SAJ, Chint, Growatt, and other products at the most recent pricing as of March 2024.

Which Capacity Produces Pakistan’s Best Home Solar System?

5kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

Depending on the kind of system you are installing, there are several capacities available for solar energy systems. The amount of electricity that a consumer uses determines the system’s necessary capacity. The system capacity will increase in tandem with rising electricity use. You can determine the appropriate capacity for your electricity consumption with the aid of the table below.

300-3503KW Solar System in Pakistan
500-6005KW Solar System in Pakistan
1100-120010KW Solar System in Pakistan
1700-180015KW Solar System in Pakistan
2300-240020KW Solar System in Pakistan
2800-300025KW Solar System in Pakistan
3500-360030KW Solar System in Pakistan
4000-420035KW Solar System in Pakistan
5kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

What Is 5kw Solar System?

It is possible to generate more than 20kWh of power, or 20 units per day, with a 5 kW solar system. It is composed of ten 500-watt solar panels, a solar inverter, and additional necessary parts. A 5 kW system can produce more than 600 units of electricity per month on average, which is enough for middle-class households to run the majority of their home appliances, such as the air conditioner, water pump, LCD, and irons.

Running all of these appliances at once might not be possible, though. The majority of home equipment, including air conditioners and water pumps, can be powered by a 5 kv solar system; however, it’s crucial to take the system’s capacity into account by taking into account the total power use.

5kw Solar System Price In Pakistan

5kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

The cost of a 5 kW solar system in Pakistan, including the inverter, installation fees, and mounting structures (Net-Metering), is between 1,150,000 and 1,200,000 rupees. Installing a 5 kW solar system can result in a 100% reduction in your electricity costs. However, the cost would go up if you choose a hybrid 5 kW solar system. In general, hybrid solar inverters are more costly than on-grid solar inverters, and the cost of the system would increase even more with the addition of batteries.

Hybrid 5kw Solar System Price In Pakistan

5kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

Generally speaking, a hybrid solar system is one that has batteries for backup power. Because hybrid inverters can convert between grid power, battery power, and solar power, they are more expensive. The hybrid system also comes with batteries, which are more expensive. A 12V 185-amp battery costs approximately 45000 rupees on average, however dry batteries are much more expensive and can cost several lacs. Because the quantity of batteries and the caliber of the solar inverter both impact the system’s final cost, it is difficult to give an accurate hybrid 5kva solar system price in Pakistan.

Components Of 5kw Solar System

These are the key parts of a 5 kW solar system, while there are many more that make up a complete system.

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Solar Inverter (on-grid or hybrid inverter)
  3. Solar battery (optional)
  4. Mounting Structure
  5. DB box that includes circuit breaker

5 kW hybrid solar power system with an Inverex Nitrox inverter

  • Price of a 5 kW hybrid solar system (with batteries): 1,250,000 PKR
  • Price of a 5 kW hybrid solar system (without batteries): 1,018,000 PKR

5 kW SolarMax Falcon Inverter Hybrid System

  • Price of a 5 kW hybrid solar system (with batteries): 1,130,000 PKR
  • Price (without batteries) of a hybrid 5 kW solar system: Rs. 9,000,000 PKR

Benefits Of Installing 5kw Solar System In Pakistan

The following are some advantages of setting up a 5kW solar power system in Pakistan:

Cut Down on Electricity Costs
You can save up to 100% on your monthly electricity expenses with a 5kW solar system. This is due to the fact that you will be producing free electricity on your own using the sun.

Boost Grid Independence
You won’t be as dependent on the utility grid if you have a 5 kW solar system. This implies that even in the event of a power outage, you will be able to keep your lights on.

One clean and renewable energy source is solar energy. You will be contributing to environmental protection and lowering your carbon footprint by installing a solar system.

The cost of a 5 kW solar system in Pakistan can range from 1,150,000 to 1,200,000 rupees, including the solar inverter, mounting framework, and other necessary components. This system is able to produce enough electricity to power a residence that uses about 600 units each month. The benefits of installing a 5kw solar system in Pakistan are significant, even though the cost may appear excessive at first. With net metering, you can further profit by returning excess electricity to the grid, which will offset your monthly payment, resulting in savings of up to 80% to 100% on your electricity account.

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