UPS Price in Pakistan-2024

By | April 10, 2024

UPS Price in Pakistan-2024

In Pakistan, UPS starts at Rs. 15,500. The Homage HVS-1214SCC Vertex Series 1000 Watt UPS Inverter, the Homage HVS-2414SCC Vertex Series 1800 Watt UPS Inverter, and the Stabimatic On-Line ONL-2000B UPS With Batteries are common products available in Pakistan.

UPS Price in Pakistan-2024
UPS Price in Pakistan-2024
Stabimatic On-Line ONL-2000B UPS With BatteriesRs. 118,000
Stabimatic On-Line ONL-3000B UPS With BatteriesRs. 165,000
Homage HVS-1214SCC Vertex Series 1000 Watt UPS InverterRs. 65,000
Homage HVS-2414SCC Vertex Series 1800 Watt UPS InverterRs. 64,500
Intex UPS IT-650C MeastroRs. 15,500
Emerson GXT-MT Vertiv Liebert PLUS 3000VA 2400W UPSRs. 210,000
Stabimatic On-Line ONL-1KVA UPS With Batteries UninterruptibleRs. 78,000
Stabimatic On-Line ONL-6000B UPS With Batteries – ONL-6KVARs. 199,000
Stabimatic On-Line ONL-10000B UPS With Batteries ONL-10KVARs. 285,000
Stabimatic Gemini-1250VA Without Battery UPSRs. 27,000
UPS Price in Pakistan-2024

UPS Price in Lahore

UPS PricePrice in LahorePrice in RawalpindiPrice in Faisalabad
UPS Minimum PriceRs 2150Rs 2155Rs 2140
UPS Average PriceRs 12573Rs 12585Rs 12510
UPS Maximum PriceRs 358012Rs 358380Rs 356200
UPS Price in Pakistan-2024

UPS Price in Karachi

UPS PricePrice in MultanPrice in KarachiPrice in Hyderabad
UPS Minimum PriceRs 2100Rs 2120Rs 2161
UPS Average PriceRs 12260Rs 12382Rs 12620
UPS Maximum PriceRs 349100Rs 352625Rs 359485
UPS Price in Pakistan-2024

Uninterruptible power supplies, or UPSs, are electronic devices that can give backup power in the event that the primary power source fails. It is widely utilized in Pakistan and has taken the place of generators in a large number of homes there. This might be because, in comparison to a standard generator, it is relatively more economical, affordable, and easier to maintain. Electronic brands including Maxpower, Hyundai, Intex, Homage, Fronus, Aerox, Digitech, and Novatek are among those that produce and supply generators to various homes and businesses throughout the nation. These brands vary in terms of both pricing and attributes.

AVS Solar UPS Homage:

You may get it for 25,999 PKR. This product by Homage, which is made in a chic and sophisticated shade of black, includes characteristics to watch out for like overload and short circuit issues that would shield the power from short circuits. It features an LCD display that is easy to use, a replacement fan design for maintenance convenience, and an adjustable AC charging current. Twelve tube lights, thirty energy savers plus sixty LED bulbs, and twelve fans are among the loads that this UPS is capable of supporting.

Maxpower UPS Solar Inverter:

In Pakistan, Maxpower is a reputable brand. Its parent business is New Pioneer Electronics. Maxpower was founded in 1989 and is based in Multan, Pakistan. Since then, it has been in the forefront of solar innovation worldwide. It produces a broad range of UPSs with unique features and cost points. The price of this Maxpower UPS is 16,000 PKR. This device, which has modified sine waves and supports all battery types, is manufactured in a sophisticated shade of mustard. The 900W, hybrid, automated Maxpower UPS is designed with computers in mind. Since it is a programmable inverter, it is designed to function in every situation. In comparison to other UPSs and generators, it is not only more affordable,

The Intex UPS IT-650VA

With more than 50 years of experience and distinction, Intex is a well-known brand in Pakistan. It produces a plethora of amazing items, such as UPS, prism-framed pools, and airbeds. Because the Intex UPS IT-650VA only 10,000 PKR, it is really affordable. Featuring a sleek and compact design with CPU control, this UPS is manufactured in contrasting tones of red and black. Its features include intelligent battery management, output short circuit protection, overload protection, and overcharge protection. It also features off-mode charging and is compatible with inverters.

Hyundai UPS/inverter combo with integrated solar charger:

In Pakistan, Hyundai is a well regarded and dependable brand. Over time, it has cemented itself in people’s psyche, ensuring that the words Hyundai conjure up images of dependability and quality. One of Hyundai’s many outstanding offerings is the inverter/UPS with integrated solar charger. This product, which costs 22,499 PKR and is made in elegant and sophisticated black and white contrast tones on the front and back, has characteristics that justify its cost. Its voltage is 2200 volts, and its power capacity is 1600 watts. Aside from this, it features a 15A fuse for UPS protection, which essentially means that when it is operating normally, the incoming mains power the rectifier, which then provides a steady DC voltage to the inverter and float charges the battery. Its output waveform is a modified sine wave, with a nominal output voltage of 230V. Having a maximum charging current of 40 amp, this UPS is ideal for providing power and electricity to small companies, workplaces, and residences.

In summary

UPS inverters are essential tools that offer comfort in a world of erratic power spikes and blackouts. To meet a range of demands and price points, we provide a large selection of UPS inverter devices. There’s a great UPS inverter out there for everyone, be it an IT professional, small business owner, or home user. Give the dependability and ease of use that UPS inverters provide to your everyday activities first priority. Examine your options and make an investment in dependable power supply solutions to safeguard your priceless devices and maintain your connection in this increasingly digital world. You may carry on with your activities without interruption, knowing that your gadgets are powered and safe, even in the event of unplanned power outages, if you have the proper UPS inverter.

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