Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan 2024

By | March 8, 2024

Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, inverters range in price from Rs. 75,000 at the lowest to Rs. 450 000 at the highest. Purchase Inverex, Tesla, Chint, Solis, Goodwe, Solax, JFY, Maxpower, SAJ, Chint, Growatt, and other products at the most recent pricing as of February 2024.

In Pakistan, the highest cost of solar inverters is Rs. 899,000, while the average estimated cost is Rs. 302,469; offers cash on delivery services throughout the country, including in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad, and several more towns.

Products NamePrice
Inveres VEYRON 1.2 KW MPPT Solar InverterRs: 80,000/-
Inverex VEYRON 2.5 KW MPPT Solar InverterRs. 120,000/-
Inverex VEYRON 3.2KW MPPT Solar InverterRs. 185,000/-
Inverex Veyron II 6Kw 6000W-48V MPPT Solar InverterRs. 295,000/-
Inveres Nitrox 10 KW On Grid Solar InverterRs. 315,000/-
Inverex Nitrox 12Kw 48V Three Phase Hybrid Solar InverterRs. 899,000/-
Inverex Nitrox 3 Phase PV Solar On-Grid Inverter, 15 KW Power.Rs. 455,000/-
Inverex Nitrox On-grid 20 KW 3-Phase PV Solar InverterRs. 500,000/-
Inverex Nitrox 3Kw Single Phase Hybrid Solar InverterRs. 305,000/-
Inverex Nitrox Single-phase hybrid solar inverter, 6 kW, 48 V.Rs. 425,000/-
Inverex Nitrox 8KW 48V Single Phase Hybrid Solar InverterRs 560,000/-
Fox SKW On Grid Solar InverterRs. 257,250/
Fronius Smart Meter 1 phase 63-ARs. 45,790/-
Fronius Smart Meter 3 Phase 50-KARs. 30,000/-
Fromus Platinum PV2200 Solar InverterRs. 65,000/-
Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, solar inverters range in price from Rs. 38,950 at the lowest to an estimated Rs. 39,573 at the average. Find the most recent prices on a variety of products, including Ziewnic Z5, Solar Max, Ns Premium, Saj Vfd, Inverex Veyron, Max Power, and Fronus Platinum.

As the world’s natural resources run out to meet our fundamental needs, technology has stepped in to provide us with an alternative so that we can continue to meet our needs without depending on finite energy sources. Solar is just one of many options. Solar energy is energy that is directly extracted from the sun, which has an endless supply. However, in order to get at it, we need solar panels, which are able to capture sunlight and transform it into usable electricity.

One of the most crucial components of a solar electric system is a solar inverter. Its job is to transform the fluctuating direct current generated by the photovoltaic solar panel into alternating current, which may be efficiently used to power gadgets in our homes and offices. Some of the top solar inverters available are made by SMA Solar Technologies, SolarEdge, and ABB Group.


Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan – Latest Prices

Fox 5KW On Grid Solar InverterRs. 257,250
Nirtrox On Grid Solar InverterRs. 260,200
Fox 15KW On Grid Solar InverterRs. 371,600
Fox 25KW On Grid Solar InverterRs. 409,500
Fox 20KW On Grid Solar InverterRs. 390,400
Fox 10KW On Grid Solar InverterRs. 294,100
Fox 17KW On Grid Solar InverterRs. 381,150
Fox On-Grid Solar Inverter, 12 KWRs. 338,100
Solax 5Kw On-Grid Solar InverterRs. 212,100
Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

International Solar Inverter Price

Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

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The pricing ranges for worldwide solar inverters are broken down below according to various types and capacities:

Inverters for strings:

Solar projects, both home and small business, usually use string inverters. They manage the power output from several solar panels connected in series and are deployed at the system level.
For residential-scale systems, string inverter prices can vary from $500 to $2,500 USD based on the brand, capacity (often 1 kW to 10 kW), and efficiency.

Central Inverters:

Larger commercial and utility-scale solar arrays employ central inverters. They are often positioned in the center of the solar array and are made to withstand large power outputs.
Based on features and capacity, central inverter prices can vary greatly. For utility-scale projects, they can reach several hundred thousand dollars, but they typically start at $5,000.


More system flexibility and efficiency are made possible by the installation of microinverters on each individual solar panel, particularly in installations with shading or different orientations.
Microinverters usually cost between $100 and $300 per unit. Microinverters can be more expensive overall for residential installations than string inverters, but in some cases, they might be a better option.

Hybrid Inverters:

With the use of hybrid inverters, which combine solar photovoltaic technology and battery storage, customers can store excess solar energy for use in low-light conditions or during blackouts.
Based on capacity and battery storage choices, hybrid inverter prices can differ significantly. They may be in the neighborhood of several hundred to several thousand dollars.

It’s crucial to remember that these costs are estimates that may change depending on a number of variables, including location, installation expenses, taxes, and any other services or equipment needed for the solar PV system. Furthermore, costs might have changed after my previous update, so it’s best to get the most up-to-date pricing information by speaking with nearby vendors or installers.

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