Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan-March 2024

By | March 16, 2024

Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan

Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan: An electric motor adds a typical feature to a solar water pump. A photovoltaic panel uses solar energy to create a constant electric current (12 or 24V in general) that can be stored in a solar battery park to power the engine on-site. Because solar panels produce an ongoing electric current, solar water pumps with DC motors have to be utilized.

Since the most crucial times for pumping water requirements typically coincide with periods of maximum solar radiation, small-scale pumping irrigation is one of the most intriguing applications of solar energy. However, this energy is only available at the place of usage.

Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan: A multitude of inventive gadgets have surfaced in the quickly evolving world of technology, providing practical and affordable answers to the myriad problems that confront humanity. The solar panel is one of these ground-breaking inventions that is now widely used across the globe. We shall examine the types and applications of solar water pumps in Pakistan, along with their prices, in this post.

The advent of solar panels has set off a noteworthy trend in which numerous electronic products that can be easily connected with them are being developed.

What is a solar water pump?

Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan: An example of a water pump that runs on solar energy is a solar water pump. When it comes to cost and performance, solar water pumps are preferred over traditional water pumps. The energy needed to pump water out of the ground is reduced. Because solar water pumps use a clean, renewable energy source and help households save money on their electricity bills, they are becoming more and more popular in Pakistan.

Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan

8 DC 12v-Solar 1/2 hp Dc Motor for Donkey PumpRs. 5,000
Water Pump 99.99 Percent Copper Solar 12V-180Watt DCRs.7,000
DC 24V-Solar Water PumpRs. 18,000
Solar DC-12v Water Pump 0.37 KWRs.7,500
Water Pump Monoblock Copper 12V-180Watt DcRs. 9,000
Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan

Please be aware that these are estimations only and cannot be confirmed. It is advised that before making a purchase, you confirm the pricing of solar water pumps in Pakistan right now.

Donkey pump with 8 DC 12V Solar 1/2 HP Dc Motor

Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan. An ideal option for powering donkey pumps is a 1/2 HP 12V DC motor. With a maximum speed of 1500 RPM and a load capacity of 7 DC amps, this motor is ideal for 0.5 HP bearing pumps. The finest aspect? This solar motor costs just Rs. 5,000 in Pakistan, making it an economical purchase. The 12V DC Motor 1/2 HP should be your first choice if you need a trustworthy motor for your donkey pump. Its dependability and affordability make it the perfect choice for pump power.

Water Pump 99.99 % Copper Solar 180W DC at 12V

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Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan. This water pump is constructed entirely of copper wire with anti-rust and corrosion qualities, and it can operate on battery power. Aquaculture, industrial mining drainage, and vessel draining are the ideal applications for the 12V 180Watt DC.

DC 24V Solar Water Pump

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The 24V DC solar water pump is intended especially for groundwater extraction. With two suction lifts that can raise water to 60 feet, this effective pump has a maximum head of 60 feet and a 300W solar plate. For deep drilling applications, its strong design and powerful motor make it the perfect option. This dependable water pump is reasonably priced at Rs. 18,000, providing affordability without sacrificing quality. Its simple installation and steady operation make it an excellent asset to any location, whether it is being used for household or commercial purposes.

0.37 KW solar DC 12-volt water pump

Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan. Aabshar Pumps’ 0.37 KW Model Mono Block Water Pump for DC 12V systems is a highly efficient and reasonably priced pump that is ideal for off-grid living. It is specifically made for homes operating on DC 12V systems. This pump line ensures longevity and reliability while delivering optimal performance thanks to its robust 0.37 kW motor. At approximately Rs. 7,500, the Aabshar solar motor is reasonably priced for all households in Pakistan.

DC Solar Suction Pump / DC 12V

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An inventive solution created especially for offices and households off the grid. This DC 12V pump ensures a consistent water supply without requiring grid electricity by running on a combination of solar and battery power. Its motor, which has a 100% copper winding, runs exceptionally well on just 9 amps of electricity. It can draw water from up to 100 feet away with a suction lift of 25 feet and a maximum head of 50 feet, which makes it perfect for delivering water even to a building’s fourth storey. In Pakistan, the cost of a suction solar water pump is only Rs 10,000. Regardless of where you live or how connected you are to the grid, you can always have access to water if you purchase an Aabshar Solar Water Pump now.

Copper Water Pump Monoblock, 12V, 180W DC

Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan

Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan. For dependable and effective pumping, go with the imported 12V 180Watt DC Solar Water Pump with a Monoblock Copper design. Because it is made of quality 100% copper material, this electric peripheral surface water pump has remarkable durability and corrosion resistance. This pump can move enormous amounts of water quickly, with a Q Max of 25 l/min and a H Max of 18 M. With an HP of 0.5 and a suction height of up to 8 meters, it has the strength to tackle difficult jobs with ease. Its 1″ by 1″ small size also makes installation simple on any available area. This top-notch water pump offers ease and maximum performance.

How much does a DC water pump cost in Pakistan?

The brand, features, and capacity of a 12V DC water pump can affect its pricing in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the average cost of a high-quality 12V DC solar water pump is between 10,000 and 20,000 rupees.

How much does a 12-volt solar pump cost?

In Pakistan, the cost of a 12 volt solar water pump typically ranges from 9,000 to 12,000 rupees. That being said, the cost may differ based on the brand, features, and quality. Please be aware that these are estimations only and cannot be confirmed. It is advised that before making a purchase, you confirm the pricing of solar water pumps in Pakistan right now.

In Pakistan, how much does a solar water pumping system cost?
Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan
It might be difficult to estimate the precise cost of a solar water pumping system because it relies so much on the size of the system, the brand, and the location of installation. That being said, the average cost of a solar water pumping system ranges from 110,000 to 490,000 rupees for smaller systems, while more complex and larger systems will cost more. We have discussed the costs of solar water pumps, DC water pumps, and solar motors in Pakistan in this post. Further information is available in this article.


Installing solar water pumps is becoming more and more popular as time goes on because they are reasonably priced in Pakistan and have many advantages for users in commercial and agricultural settings in addition to the home. The top water pumps are included in this post, along with information on solar water pump costs in Pakistan. The cost of a solar water pump in Pakistan might differ based on a number of variables, including size, features, brand, and others. Generally speaking, a 12V solar water pump costs 10,000 rupees or less.

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