Solar Battery Price in Pakistan– March 2024

By | March 9, 2024

Solar Battery Price in Pakistan – March 2024

In Pakistan, solar batteries have a minimum cost of 950 and an estimated average cost of 35,000. Get the most recent prices for AGS, Osaka, Exide, Inverex, Narada, Ritar, Phoenix, and other items as of March 2024.

Product NamePrice
AGS SP-50L 9PL 30Ah Lead Acid BatteryRs. 12,360/-
AGS SP-60L 9PL Lead Acid 35Ah BatteryRs. 13,440/-
AGS SP-70L 11PL 38Ah Lead Acid BatteryRs. 14,400/-
AGS SP-75L 13PL 45Ah Lead Acid BatteryRs. 17,400/-
AGS SP-80L 9PL 50Ah Lead Acid BatteryRs. 16,800/-
AGS WS-110 13PL 75AH Lead Acid BatteryRs. 23,400/-
AGS WS-115 15PL 80AH Lead Acid BatteryRs. 25,440/-
AGS WS-135 15PL 85AH Lead Acid BatteryRs. 29,400/-
AGS WS-160 17PL 100AH Lead Acid BatteryRs. 34,200/-
AGS WS-165 19PL 105AH Lead Acid BatteryRs. 34,800/-
AGS WS-180 19PL 105AH Lead Acid BatteryRs. 36,360/-
AGS WS-195 21PL 120AH Lead Acid BatteryRs. 40,200/-
AGS WS-230 23PL 150AH Lead Acid BatteryRs. 49,200/-
AGS WS-260 27PL 175AH Lead Acid BatteryRs. 55,200/-
AGS WS-270 33PL 220AH Lead Acid BatteryRs. 72,000/-
Solar Battery Price in Pakistan

The most frequently asked question by solar panel users or those wishing to establish a solar system in Pakistan is how much solar batteries would cost, particularly if they want to include energy backup alternatives in their system. The ideal method for storing the extra energy produced by solar panels is to use batteries, which can be used as a backup during blackouts or other power disruptions. They are the best choice for solar systems that are off-grid or hybrid. Alpha Solar provides affordable and top-notch solar batteries in Pakistan since we recognize how important it is to have the greatest solar batteries for power backup.

To assist you in selecting the ideal solar battery for your solar system, we will discuss the many types of solar batteries that are available in Pakistan in this post. We’ll also make note of these batteries’ approximate costs. Let’s examine the things to take into account before buying a solar battery in Pakistan, nevertheless, before getting into the names and costs of the batteries.

What Should I Look for in a Solar Battery Purchase?

Type of Battery

The type of battery is the first thing you need to think about when buying a solar battery. Lead-acid and lithium-ion solar batteries are the two most well-known and dependable varieties in Pakistan. When it comes to solar system performance and efficiency, these battery choices have shown to be the best in the nation.

Depth of Discharge

It is essential to choose a solar battery with a sufficient depth of discharge capacity if you want to extend its life. This important component guarantees that using the battery for longer periods of time won’t negatively impact its performance.

Charge Cycle

Choosing a battery with more charge cycles will improve performance and efficiency and result in a longer lifespan. You may guarantee your energy storage solution’s improved lifetime and dependability by choosing a battery with a higher charge cycle capacity.


In order to maximize the energy conversion and use of your solar panels, you must select a battery that performs exceptionally well and efficiently.

Which is the Best Battery for Solar in Pakistan?

There are a lot of solar battery options on the market; we’ll talk about the best solar batteries for solar panels in Pakistan in this list.

  • Osaka Tubular Battery
  • Phoenix Batteries
  • AGS Solar Batteries
  • Exide Batteries
  • Narada Lithium Battery
  • PylonTech Lithium Battery
  • Daewoo Deep Cycle Batteries

Osaka Tubular Battery

In Pakistan, Osaka is the most reliable, popular, and superior solar battery. Osaka batteries provide a range of choices that are compatible with different kinds of solar panel installations in Pakistan. Because they may be used with solar panels and UPS systems, their acid batteries and gel valve regulated lead acid batteries are regarded as the best.

Osaka Solar Battery Price in Pakistan

The size of your solar system will determine how much Osaka solar batteries cost in Pakistan. The cost of the Osaka 12v 185Ah battery, however, ranges from Rs. 61,000 to Rs. 78,000.

Phoenix Batteries

The greatest and most appropriate choice for solar panel systems is the Phoenix Deep Solar Battery series. Other choices exist as well; for example, the VRLA Battery series may work well with solar panels. You have several choices when it comes to Phoenix solar batteries, but they are all lead-acid models. Lithium-ion batteries are not provided by the business.

Phoenix Solar Battery Price in Pakistan

The 12v 230Ah single Phoenix solar battery costs between Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 80,000 in Pakistan.

AGS Solar Batteries

Atlas Group owns the brand of AGS solar batteries. They are renowned for being of the highest caliber and come highly recommended as the best solar system batteries in Pakistan. AGS batteries come in a number of models. These batteries have a one-year replacement warranty and require little upkeep.

AGS Solar Battery Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, AGS solar batteries are priced between Rs. 62,000 and Rs. 79,000. This range is applicable to AGS batteries with 12v 185Ah to 12v 230Ah capacity.

Exide Batteries

Lead-based Exide batteries are multipurpose and can be used in UPS and solar panel systems, among other things. A range of forms and sizes are available for them.. Exide batteries are the best choice for solar applications in Pakistan for a variety of reasons, including cost, performance, lifetime, and durability.


Exide Solar Battery Price in Pakistan

Exide 12v solar batteries with capacities of 185AH and 230AH are priced between Rs. 60000 and Rs. 80000 in Pakistan.



Purchasing the greatest solar battery available in Pakistan is necessary to provide a dependable energy backup system. Although Pakistan offers a variety of battery options, acid and lithium batteries are the most widely utilized. Because they cost more than other types of batteries for solar applications in Pakistan, lithium batteries are regarded as the best option there. Batteries reduce electricity costs and alleviate power outages. We have listed the top solar battery in Pakistan here. Select the option that best suits your energy requirements and financial constraints. Please contact us if you have any questions about integrating solar batteries into your panel system. As the top supplier and installer of premium solar batteries in Pakistan, Alpha Solar will help you choose and install the best solar battery that will match your budget while guaranteeing maximum efficiency and performance.

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