Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

By | March 6, 2024

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Documented Single Glass A-Grade Longi Hi-mo 551 Per Watt
Single Glass A Grade Documented Jinko_P Type50 Per Watt
JA Recorded One Glass A-Grade50 Per Watt
Longi Hi-mo 5 Bificial54 Per Watt
Jinko N-type monocrystalline53 Per Watt
JM Solar Panel Documented50 Per Watt
RENA Solar Panel Documented53 Per Watt
ASTRO Energy Solar Panel Documented52 Per Watt
Phono Solar Panel Documented51 Per Watt
Trina N-type monocrystalline53 Per Watt
Longi Hi-mo 7 N Type Bifacial59 Per Watt
Canadian Topcon solar Panel 54 Per Watt
Longi Hi-mo 6 Bificial54 Per Watt

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A Grade Solar Panels Price in Pakistan Today?

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Brand & SpecificationsPrice Per WattPanel Price (RS)
JA_540 watts single glass A grad documented5027550
JA 540 watts double glass or bifacial A_grad 5228660
ZN Shine 545 watts single glass A grad5027300
Longi 500 watts single glass A_grad documented5226030
JA 530 watts single glass A grad documented5027100
Maysun 540 watt a grade solar panel price5027040
Logni 555 watts single glass A grad documented5229080
Longi 550 watts single glass A grad documented5228800
Doart solar panel A_grade 550 Watts panel 5028700
Jinko 550 watts single glass A grad documented5027600
Jinko 555 watts single glass A grad documented5027900
Longi Hi-Mo 6 570 watt single glass5430960
Jinko N type 575 watt a grade documented5531650
Longi Hi_Mo 7580 watt single glass  n type5935000

International Solar Panel Rates Today

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Longi0.10$ to 0.12$ Per Watt
Jinko0.09$ to 0.12$ Per Watt
Inverex0.10$ to 0.13$ Per Watt

B Grade Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

SpecificationsPrice Per WattPanel Price (RS)
Longi 550 watts B grade 4424650
Jinko 550 watt B grade 4324000
JA 550 Watts B grade4324000

Canadian Solar Panels Price

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

SpecificationsPrice Per WattPanel Price (RS)
Canadian 575 watt Topcon solar panel price5431000
650 watt Canadian solar panel price5335000
Canadian 555 watts Tier 1 single glass a grade documented5330000

Solar Panels Manufacturers in Pakistan

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

  • Reon Energy Limited
  • Premier Energy (Pvt) Lmt.
  • Pantera Energy Limited
  • Pakistan Solar Services
  • ZI Solar
  • Alpha Solar
  • Shams Power

Solar Plates Price In Pakistan

The grade or quality of solar panels is one of many elements that affect its pricing in Pakistan. Over the previous five years that I have been in the solar business, the industry has grown at an exponential rate. Because solar panels are an initial investment with long-term benefits, the market for them is growing as a result of rising oil and power prices. Pakistan has an abundance of sunshine all day long. Solar power has been lauded as the energy of the future. Financially and ecologically, solar energy makes sense. It can benefit everyone on the earth in the future. Solar systems are used in many homes, businesses, and agricultural settings to irrigate the crop.
More and more people are making the move to solar electricity for their homes, and they want to know how much solar systems cost in Pakistan.

Installation Guides

Your solar system’s size has an impact on solar plate costs in Pakistan as well. Greater power and larger installations will come at a higher cost. The quantity of panels needed and the difficulty of installation have an impact on costs. We offer solar panel consulting; with what system do you fully supply your energy needs? I have almost five years of professional solar experience with my team. We will evaluate your energy requirements and provide you with a precise quote. Solar panels of 550 watts or 540 watts to 580 watts are the most common sizes.

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