Osaka Battery Price In Pakistan-2024

By | April 13, 2024

Osaka Battery Price In Pakistan

Osaka batteries receive great appreciation. They are recognized as trustworthy sources of energy. To meet different power requirements, they supply a variety of batteries. We will look at the Osaka Battery Price in this article. These batteries in Pakistan are examined by giving a summary, looking at the price of Osaka batteries in Pakistan, discussing the various types, and discussing the benefits.

Perhaps many of them had previously gone battery shopping. But let’s be honest—it’s not always easy to choose the best battery to buy. The fact that there is little to no information available online in Pakistan lends more credence to that statement. Still, it helps to know who the major players in the field are. And speaking of which, Osaka is one of those big players.

Osaka Battery Price In Pakistan

They are some of the most well-known battery manufacturers in Pakistan. The company produces a variety of inverter and automotive batteries. As of right now, they have been doing it for over 19 years.

Osaka offers a wide range of products from which to select. They offer motorbike and car batteries, as well as maintenance-free batteries. Osaka serves customers through a number of regional offices located all around the nation. Different pricing in Pakistan for Osaka batteries. Solar panels are utilized with solar batteries.

Osaka Battery In Pakistan

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Osaka Battery In Pakistan
Osaka Supreme 10 VRLA (dry) BatteryRs. 2,899
Osaka Battery Super 10Ah 12 Volts BatteryRs. 3,300
Osaka battery 50 ampere/s50/s50l/ah/12 volt/ BatteryRs. 5,200
Osaka MF 50 R/MF 50 L 9 Plates 12 Volt Maintenance Free BatteryRs. 6,246
Battery Osaka CR 65 L 11 Plates 12 VoltsRs. 6,538
Maintenance-free Osaka MF 60 R/MF 60 L 11-plate, 12-volt batteryRs. 6,994
Osaka Battery S100+/S100A+ 11 Plates 12 Volts BatteryRs. 8,739
Osaka Battery S100+/S100A+ 11 Plates 12 Volts BatteryRs. 8,890
Osaka Battery S100+/S100A+ 11 Plates 12 Volts BatteryRs. 8,890
OSAKA platinum T-125 S- 12Volt 100AH- 15 Plates BatteryRs. 13,350
Osaka P150S 115 Amp 19 Plates 12 Volt BatteryRs. 15,750
Osaka Battery 180 AMPERE/AH/12 VOLT BatteryRs. 16,499
OSAKA Platinum P-250 S 12-Volt 180AH 27-Plate BatteryRs. 25,000
OSAKA TUBULAR BATTERY FOR COMMERCIAL USE TA-1800 12-Volt, 185-Ah BatteryRs. 31,999
Osaka Battery Price In Pakistan
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Osaka Battery Motorcycle Price in Pakistan

Osaka Battery Motorcycle Price in Pakistan

ModelA.H (20 Hr)Price
NP7-127.2Rs. 2,780
Supreme 87Rs. 3,550
Supreme 65Rs. 2,380
Super 75Rs. 1,990
NP5-125Rs. 2,100
Supreme 4 GEL3Rs. 1,370
Super 65Rs. 1,990
Supreme 109Rs. 3,950
6-GFM-1818Rs. 6,200
Super 109Rs. 2,900
Super 87Rs. 2,340
Supreme 43Rs. 1,280
NP12-1212Rs. 4,450
Super 43Rs. 980
Osaka Battery Price In Pakistan

Osaka Batteries Types

Osaka batteries come in several varieties designed to meet various power requirements and uses. A few popular Osaka models are as follows:

Lead-Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are often employed for backup power applications because of their reputation for reliability and affordability. Lead acid batteries are a dependable power backup option for both residential and commercial properties, and they are readily available in Osaka. These batteries are available in various capacities to accommodate a variety of power requirements.

Batteries in tubes

As the name implies, cylindrical batteries are tubular. Compared to other battery types, this design has many advantages.

For high-demand power backup applications like UPSs, tubular batteries are a preferred option due to their increased energy density and dependability. Osaka offers a variety of capacity tubular batteries to meet these demands.

Batteries that require no maintenance 

An array of maintenance-free batteries is available from Osaka. Some people would accurately refer to these batteries as dry cell batteries. There is no need to add acid when utilizing these batteries.

They already contain a lot of electrolytes, so they don’t require an initial charge. They are durable, resistant to corrosion, and strong. Osaka offers a wide range of maintenance-free battery solutions, such as the MF50L, MF60L, MF100R, and many more.

Lead-Silver Batteries 

Lead-acid batteries are more common than maintenance-free or dry-cell batteries. They do require more care and attention to get going, despite their higher price. These are typical in a lot of residences, motorbikes, and cars. They are meant for high-performance automobiles.

Osaka guarantees a minimum of 122% cold cranking power for these batteries. The Osaka S50+ is among the more well-liked choices. It requires 34 amps of 12 volt current. It is designed for automobiles with 800–1000cc engines. If you require something more robust, there are, of course, other possibilities.

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