Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan -2024

By | March 11, 2024

Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Jinko Solar Panels are priced starting at Rs. 27,000. The Jinko 270 Watt Poly Solar Panel, Jinko 550 Watt Mono Solar Panel, Jinko 330 Watt Poly Solar Panel, and Jinko 460 Watt Mono-Facial Crystalline Solar Panel are popular items in Pakistan.

Jinko Solar Panel Dealers in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, Pakistan, have prices ranging from Rs. 27,000 at the lowest to Rs. 54,500 at the highest, with an estimated average price of Rs. 42,886.

Jinko Solar Panel – Price Summary

Jinko 270 Watt Poly Solar PanelRs. 27,000
Jinko 550 Watt Mono Solar PanelRs. 28,305
Jinko 330 Watt Poly Solar PanelRs. 33,000
Jinko 460 Watt Mono-Facial Crystalline Solar PanelRs. 46,000
Jinko 525W Mono BiFacial Crystalline Solar PanelRs. 52,500
Jinko 540 Watt Mono Solar PanelRs. 54,500
Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

The pricing of Jinko solar panels is centered on the point where sustainability, quality, and affordability converge. Jinko Solar has established itself as a top supplier of solar energy solutions by providing a selection of panels that strike a mix between affordability and performance.

It’s critical to consider Jinko Solar panels’ value proposition while evaluating their costs in the renewable energy sector. Jinko solar panels constantly provide excellent efficiency and durability, guaranteeing long-term returns on investment for both households and companies, even though upfront costs may vary.

List of Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan -2024
Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan -2024
Product NamePrice
Jinko 555watt Mono Perc Solar PanelRs. 28,305/-
Jinko 580 Watt N Type Mono Perc Solar PanelRs. 32,480/-
Jinko 520 Watt Single-phase, half-cut solar panelRs. 52,000/-
Jinko 535 Watt Mono Solar PanelRs. 53,500/-
Jinko 545watt Mono Crystalline Solar PanelRs. 54,500/-
Jinko 270 Watt Poly Solar Panel- (10 Year’s Warranty)Rs. 27,000/-
Jinko 320 Watt Mono Solar Panel (10 Year’s Warranty)Rs. 32,000/-
Jinko 330 Watt Poly Solar Panel- (10 Year’s Warranty)Rs. 33,000/-
Jinko 345 Watt Ten-year warranty on a mono solar panelRs. 34,500/-
Jinko 445Watt Mono Crystalline Solar PanalRs. 44,500/-
Jinko 460watt Mono-Facial Crystalline Solar PanelRs. 46,000/-
Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan -2024

Due to Pakistan’s ongoing power outages, people are searching for alternative energy sources. Another major contributing aspect is that more people are relocating to rural and newly built areas, where there are insufficient electricity resources and most people lack the financial means to purchase pricey solar systems. With some fantastic, creative options at costs that many of us can afford, Jinko is bringing solar solutions to the typical Pakistani customer. Chinese company Jinko offers solar solutions to millions of users, including households and power plants. The solar panels made by Jinko are renowned for their resilience, low heat output, and suitability for the climate of Pakistan in particular. They are also offering a ten-year warranty.

Jinko Solar Panels: Detailed Overview

Jinko Solar is a well-known industry leader in the solar sector with a focus on producing premium solar panels. Jinko Solar panels have become well-known all over the world due to its dedication to sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. This is a comprehensive note that lists the main attributes, benefits, and things to think about with Jinko solar panels:

Key Features

Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan -2024

1. Excellent Effectiveness: Compared to traditional panels, Jinko solar panels are renowned for their high efficiency, which allows them to convert a higher percentage of sunlight into power. This guarantees optimal power generation, particularly in regions with restricted sunshine or spatial limitations.

2. Advanced Technology: Jinko Solar incorporates state-of-the-art technologies, such as Half-Cut Cell and PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technologies, into its panels. These developments improve the longevity, dependability, and performance of panels, which increases energy output and extends their useful life.

3. Sturdiness and Dependability: To guarantee longevity and dependability under diverse environmental circumstances, Jinko Solar panels are subjected to stringent quality control procedures. They are excellent for a variety of geographical regions because they have been tested for resilience against harsh temperatures, humidity, wind, and snow loads.

4. Aesthetic Design: Jinko Solar provides panels with streamlined, contemporary designs that enhance their visual appeal for installations in both residential and commercial settings. High performance and visual attractiveness together strengthen Jinko Solar panels’ entire value proposition.

5. Warranties and Certifications: Leading industry standards bodies like TÜV Rheinland and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) have certified Jinko Solar panels, guaranteeing that they meet safety and performance requirements. Furthermore, Jinko Solar offers strong warranties, giving clients confidence in the caliber and functionality of their purchases.


Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan -2024

1. High Power Output: Jinko solar panels maximize energy production and maximize return on investment for solar projects thanks to its high power output.

2. Sturdiness: Over the course of their operational lives, Jinko Solar panels provide constant and predictable energy generation based on their demonstrated track record of reliability and performance.

3. Economic Viability: Jinko solar panels are economically priced, providing exceptional value for money when compared to other brands in the market, despite their cutting-edge technology and greater performance.

4. Global Presence and Support: With a broad distribution network and specialized technical support teams, Jinko Solar guarantees accessibility and support for clients across the globe.

5. Environmental Sustainability: Using Jinko Solar panels to capture solar energy helps users cut carbon emissions and lessen their influence on the environment, promoting the development of a sustainable energy future.


Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan -2024

1. Requirements for Installation: A licensed professional’s installation is essential to maximizing the lifespan and performance of Jinko solar panels. Following recommended methods and instructions from the manufacturer is crucial.

2. Site-Specific elements: To maximize energy output and optimize the efficiency of Jinko Solar panels, consideration should be given to elements such shading, orientation, tilt angle, and local climate conditions.

3. Regulatory Compliance: To avoid any legal or regulatory concerns, make sure that installing Jinko Solar panels complies with all applicable local legislation, permits, and utility connections requirements.

4. Upkeep: Even though Jinko solar panels are made to last a long time with little care, regular cleanings and inspections may be required to guarantee best results.


Globally, Jinko solar panels are the go-to option for utility-scale, commercial, and residential solar projects due to their attractive blend of high efficiency, dependability, and affordability. Jinko Solar is dedicated to technological innovation and sustainability, which propels the solar industry forward and enables individuals and organizations to use solar power for a more sustainable and brighter future.

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