Jinko solar panel price in Pakistan 2024 New Technology

By | May 7, 2024

Jinko solar panel price in Pakistan

Offering high-efficiency Jinko solar panel prices in Pakistan, such as the 540W, 545W, 600W, and 800W solar panels, JinkoSolar is setting the standard in the solar energy industry. When it comes to solar panel pricing in Pakistan, Jinko is the clear leader in the industry thanks to its cutting-edge features that other solar panel manufacturers lack.

JinkoSolar is a leading option for environmentally aware consumers and businesses alike because these robust solar panels are made for anyone looking for affordable and sustainable energy options. JinkoSolar’s array of solar panels, with its cutting-edge technology, guarantees optimal energy output, offering a dependable and environmentally friendly energy source for all your requirements.

Jinko solar panel price in Pakistan 2024 New Technology
Jinko solar panel price in Pakistan 2024 New Technology

Jinko solar panel price list 2024

  • Jinko 540W solar panel price in Pakistan Rs 21,000.
  • Jinko 545W solar panel price in Pakistan Rs 21,500.
  • Jinko 600W solar panel price in Pakistan Rs 23,000.
  • jinko solar panel 550 watt price in Pakistan Rs 22,000.
  • 590W jinko solar panel price in Pakistan Rs 22,700.
  • Jinko 585 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan Rs 22,380.

Where in Pakistan Can I Buy Jinko Solar Panel?

Verify the Jinko Solar Panel Serial Number

Check the Jinko solar panel by its distinct serial number before making a purchase. This guarantees genuineness and validity for any necessary warranty claims.

Verified Jinko Solar Panel

Make sure to obtain verification from authorized vendors to steer clear of counterfeit goods. This ensures that the solar panel you purchase is authentic Jinko. When verified via the website, it also provides the current pricing of Jinko solar panel in Pakistan.

key features of Jinko Solar Panels:

  • One of the greatest solar panel firms in Pakistan, the company’s solar panels have an amazing efficiency rating of up to 21.4%.
  • Its use of PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) technology, which permits more light absorption and conversion into electricity, allowed it to attain high efficiency.
  • JinkoSolar also uses half-cut cell technology, which lowers cell resistance and boosts panel efficiency.
  • Notable for its product endurance is JinkoSolar Company, whose solar panels are made to endure severe weather and have a 25-year lifespan.

Because of its high degree of innovation and dedication to quality, Jinko Solar is a top option for renewable energy solutions. And with these attributes, Jinko Solar Panel Price becomes Pakistan’s most efficient solar panel provider.

JinkoSolar panel Technologies:

JinkoSolar has expanded its range of offerings by incorporating cutting-edge half-cell and bifacial solar panel technologies.

Jinko Bifacial solar panel:

  • The purpose of the bifacial solar panel is to collect sunlight from both its front and rear surfaces.
  • Because the panels can capture both direct sunlight and reflected light from the surrounding environment, this novel technology enables improved energy generation.
  • Because of this dual capture capacity, bifacial solar panels are particularly advantageous in environments where reflecting elements, such snow or light-colored ground, can improve sun absorption and, in turn, energy output.


Jinko Half Cell solar panel:

However, the half-cell solar panel arrangement divides the solar cell in half, lowering the electrical current in each cell and minimizing energy loss through resistance, therefore increasing the overall output and efficiency of the panel. In Pakistan, the Jinko Half Cell 540W Solar Panel often offers the best value in terms of both price and performance.

Comparison of both:

Jinko Solar panel price’s dedication to increasing solar energy efficiency and optimizing the potential of solar systems is exemplified by the integration of half-cell and bifacial technologies.

Advanced Jinko Solar Plates in Pakistan:

With their 635 Watt Solar Panel, 625 Watt Solar Plane, 585 Watt Solar Panel, 580 Watt Solar Panel, Jinko Solar Panel 550 Watt, and 480 Watt Solar Panel, Jinko Solar introduced the newest solar technology to Pakistan:

635 Watt Solar panel:

  • 635 Watts Power
  • 23.23%Efficiency
  • 30 years Power Warranty

625 Watt Solar Plane:

  • Tiger Neo 78HC_BDV
  • 625 Watts Power (Front only)
  • Efficiency 22.37%
  • 30 Years Linear Power Warranty

585 Watt solar panel:

  • Tiger Neo 72-HC
  • 585 Watts Power
  • Efficiency 22.60%
  • 30 Years Linear Power Warranty

580 Watt solar panel:

  • Tiger Neo 72-HC BDV
  • 580 Watts Power (Front only)
  • Efficiency 22.50%
  • 30 Years Linear Power Warranty

480 Watt solar panel:

  • Tiger Neo 60-HC
  • 480 Watts Power
  • Efficiency 22.25%
  • PID resistant
  • 30 Years Linear Power Warranty


Finally, Jinko Solar Panel Cost With their reasonably priced, highly efficient solar panels, is leading the way in Pakistan’s solar energy sector. Providing a range of choices, such as the amazing 800W solar panel, sets JinkoSolar apart from their rivals. Because JinkoSolar’s strong, cutting-edge solar panels offer affordable, sustainable energy solutions, they are the go-to option for environmentally aware businesses and consumers. The obvious option for anyone looking for a stable and eco-friendly energy source is JinkoSolar.

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