Today solar panel price in Pakistan-2024

By | March 27, 2024

Today solar panel price in Pakistan

Solar panels have emerged as a ray of hope in Pakistan, where power outages are a daily occurrence and offer an affordable and sustainable means of generating electricity. This blog is to provide information about the cost of solar panels in Pakistan today, highlighting their significance, providers, and the benefits and drawbacks of this renewable energy source.

Today Solar Panel Price List:

As of March 27, 2024, solar panel prices in Pakistan range from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 56,100. However, there are many different types of solar panels on the market in Pakistan that may be purchased to suit a range of budgets and energy needs. This is a thorough list of solar panel models, along with pricing and wattage information:

Today solar panel price in Pakistan

Today solar panel price in Pakistan-2024
Today solar panel price in Pakistan-2024
Name & DetailsPrice Per-WattPanel Price
JA 540 watt single-glass A-grad documented3820500
JA 540 watt double glass A-grad 4021680
ZN Shine 545 watt single-glass A-grad3820890
Longi 500 watts single-glass A-grad documented3919500
JA 530 watts single glass A-grad documented3820100
Maysun 540 watt A-grade solar panel price3720060
Logni 555 watts single glass A-grad documented3922000
Longi 550 watts single glass A-grad documented3921500
Doart solar panel A-grade 550 Watts panel 3920500
Jinko 550 watts single glass A-grad documented3821000
Jinko 555 watts single glass A-grad documented3821300
Longi Hi-Mo 6 570 watt single glass40222800
Jinko N type 575 watt A-grade documented4224350
Longi Hi-Mo 7 580 watt single glass  n type4325000

Today solar panel price in Pakistan

longi solar panel removebg preview
Brand & SpecificationsPer Watt RateStatus
Longi HI-MO 7 580 watt single glass 18 bus bar N type size49.5In Stock
Longi HI-MO X6 560/555-watt single glass P-type Mono Facial panel46In stock
Longi HI-MO 5 540/535-watt single glass P-type bifacial44Stock Out

Today solar panel price in Pakistan

Today solar panel price in Pakistan-2024
Today solar panel price in Pakistan-2024
Brand & SpecificationsPer-watt RateStatus
JA N-type bifacial 575 Watt Solar Panel44In Stock
JA 540 watts, single glass A graded, documented price43In Stock
JA 565 Watts single glass tier one A-grade44In Stock
JA 550 Bifacial/double glass tier one A-grade43In Stock

Today solar panel price in Pakistan

Today solar panel price in Pakistan-2024
Today solar panel price in Pakistan-2024
Canadian Solar panel price in Pakistan:Per-Watt RateStatus
Canadian 575-Watt Topcon solar panel price in Pakistan51In Stock
Canadian 550 Watts Single glass A-grade Solar panel Cost in Pakistan50.5In Stock
Canadian 555 Watt tier 1 single glass A-Grade documented Price in Pakistan51In Stock
Canadian 545 Watt single-glass A-grade Solar Panel price in Pakistan48In Stock

Today solar panel price in Pakistan

Today solar panel price in Pakistan-2024
Brand & SpecificationsPer Watt RateStatus
Jinko N type 575 watt A-grade With the documented price49In Stock
Jinko P type A-grade tier 1 solar panel, 555 watts47In Stock
Jinko p type Bifacial A-grade tier 1 solar panel 540 watts49In Stock
Today solar panel price in Pakistan

Installation Manuals

Today solar panel price in Pakistan: Your solar system’s size has an impact on solar plate costs in Pakistan as well. Greater power and larger installations will come at a higher cost. The quantity of panels needed and the difficulty of installation have an impact on costs. We offer solar panel consulting; with what system do you fully supply your energy needs? With my team, I have nearly five years of professional solar experience under my belt. We will evaluate your energy requirements and provide you with a precise quote. Solar panels of 550 watts or 540 watts to 580 watts are the most common sizes.


Pakistani Suppliers of Solar Panels:

Customers all throughout the nation can easily access the wide range of solar panel suppliers that the Pakistani market has to offer. Among the noteworthy providers are:

  • Solar Systems Net
  • Vibrant Solar Panels
  • Superior Solar Solutions
  • Solar Energy Sultani
  • Private Limited Solar System Pakistan
  • Pakistan’s Yellow Door Energy
  • Pakistan’s EBR Energy Pvt Ltd
  • Pakistani Zorays Solar
  • Pakistan’s AE Solar
  • First Energy Pte Ltd

Solar Panel Benefits and Drawbacks:

Benefits of solar energy in Pakistan
Cost-effective: One-time purchase requiring little upkeep.
Longevity: With no serious technical problems, branded solar panels can endure up to 20 years.
Environmentally friendly: Solar cells collect sunlight without releasing any hazardous gases or using any water.
Independence: Users’ ability to use services is not reliant on laws or rules.
Installation simplicity: Setup requires a rudimentary understanding of technology.

Drawbacks of solar power in Pakistan
Initial Investment: A full solar energy setup comes with a hefty initial investment.
Area Requirement: A huge area is needed for outdoor installation.

Why Pakistan Uses Solar Panels?

Today solar panel price in Pakistan: Cost-effectiveness: Over time, solar panels will pay for themselves by lowering electricity costs and yielding a return on investment. They are an upfront investment with long-term advantages.
Durability: Solar panels with aluminum sheet outlines have an extended lifespan since they are impervious to rust, rain, and strong winds.
Low Maintenance: Only sporadic panel surface cleaning is necessary, and other maintenance is minimal.
Impact on the Environment: Solar cells don’t release any hazardous gases into the atmosphere when they produce power from sunshine.
Energy Independence: By supplying electricity on their own, solar panels lessen reliance on traditional power sources.

Conclusion Regarding Pakistan’s Solar Panel Prices

Solar power is leading the way in environmentally friendly power generation as more people turn to alternative energy sources. Pakistan is seeing a rapid shift to solar energy, with a sizable section of the populace having already made the change. Through gaining knowledge about solar panel costs, providers, and advantages, people may help Pakistan transition to a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient future. As a limitless energy source, the sun is being used to power buildings, companies, and communities, paving the way for a cleaner and brighter future.

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