Homage Ups Price In Pakistan-2024

By | March 30, 2024

Homage UPS

Searching for dependable options for power backup? Homage UPS provides premium goods in Pakistan. Homage UPS offers a variety of types to select from, ensuring a steady supply of power for your house or place of business. Homeage UPS can handle voltage variations as well as load shedding. Examine Pakistan’s competitive Homage UPS prices and make an investment in a dependable power backup system right now.

Homage UPS features

dependable backup power:
During power outages or load shedding, Homage UPS offers a dependable backup power solution to keep your house or place of business operating.

Control of Voltage:
Voltage regulation capabilities on Homage UPS models guard against any damage from variations in voltage to your appliances and delicate electrical gadgets.

Support for Multiple Loads:
Because an homage UPS is made to handle multiple loads, you may power numerous gadgets at once, like as computers, lights, fans, and more.

Energy Effectiveness:
In addition to providing optimal battery performance and increased backup duration, hybrid uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are energy-efficient and can assist lower long-term electricity expenses.

Homage Ups Price In Pakistan

Homage UPS costs in Pakistan differ according on the model and capacity.
Homage UPS costs in Pakistan vary from approximately Rs.7,000 to Rs.50,000 or more for more expensive, higher-capacity devices.

As of Saturday, March 30, 2024. Our wide selection has been thoughtfully chosen to accommodate a wide range of requirements and tastes. With our extensive selection of HOMAGE UPS, which strives to improve everyday living and surpass your expectations, discover a world of possibilities. Choose the ideal items to fit your lifestyle by browsing our selection of Generators & Power Suppliers. Homage Vertex (solar supported inverter) Hvs-1214-scc 1200va 1000watts 12vdc 230vac Price Rs. 51,899, Homage Vertex (solar supported inverter) Hvs-5014-scc Off Grid 5000va Upto 5000watts 48vdc 230vac Price Rs. 85,000, and Homage Vertex (solar supported inverter) Hvs-2414-scc 2400va 1800watts 24vdc 230vac Price Rs. 64,200 are among the wide range of HOMAGE UPS products available.

Homage UPS – Overview of Prices

Homage UPS
Homage UPS
Homage Heat & Cool 1.5ton Inverter Air Conditioner ELEMENT SERIES – HES-1804S -75% Energy SaverRs. 107,768
Homage Vertex Solar_Supported_Inverter Hvs_2414_scc 2400va 1800watts 24vdc 230vacRs. 64,200
Homage Vertex Solar Supported Inverter Hvs-1214-scc 1200va 1000watts 12vdc 230vacRs. 53,500
Homage HVS_1214SCC Vertex Series 1000 Watts UPS_InverterRs. 65,500
Homage HVS-2414SCC Vertex Series 1800 Watt UPS InverterRs. 65,000
Homage HCS-1801 H/C Classic 75% Series Heat & Cool only-Inverter Split 1.5 TONRs. 167,580
Homage Inverter AC HCS_1203S eCrystal Glass Inverter Series One _ton BlackRs. 142,740
Homage 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Upto 75% Energy Saving HCS-1803S 18000 BTU Heat & Cool Crystal Series Air ConditionRs. 179,640
Homage SERIES HES-1204S Heat & Cool 1 ton Inverter Air conditioner ELEMENT -75% Energy SaverRs. 136,440
Homage HES-1804S Split Inverter AC Heat & Cool Air ConditionersRs. 167,580
Homage UPS

Having been founded in 2007, Homage is a well-known brand in Pakistan’s electrical appliance market. A large selection of electricity appliances, such as solar panels, inverters, generators, etc., are available at Homage. In addition, Homage sells water dispensers and microwave ovens among other household products. Homage appliances are made using the newest technology, which keeps consumers safe and secure.

The purpose of disaster inverters is to provide a backup power source and alleviate the energy crisis for consumers. With the help of horsepower inverters, one may be guaranteed a steady supply of electricity throughout the day. Homage inverters have a solid reputation for longevity. Homage offers the best inverters available, complete with amazing features including charging system innovation, overload protection, and distinctive modern style.

Homage Inverter Series:

Homage offers two primary series of inverters: the Home Inverters Series and the Solar Hybrid Inverters Series.

Series of Solar Hybrid Inverters:

Inverters that have the ability to be recharged using solar energy are known as solar hybrid inverters. These inverters are made to provide hassle-free power backup, which enhances living circumstances. Installing solar hybrid inverters in homes and offices is a simple task. The following are additional series that these solar inverters have:

  • Tron Duo Solar Inverters Series
  • Hexa Solar Inverters Series
  • Electron Solar Inverters Series
  • Vertex Solar Inverter Series

These can all run powerful appliances with several safety features. These inverters simultaneously receive utility and solar input.

Series of Home Inverters:

The electrical gadgets that change DC electricity into AC power are called home inverters. Inverters for homes are designed to prevent overheating by automatically shutting off when they detect heat damage or overcharging. Additional series that these inverters have are as follows:

  • Tron Uno Inverters Series
  • Electron Inverters Series
  • Neon Inverters Series

During load shedding, five lights and five fans can be powered by inexpensive continuous power supplies such as the Electron series inverters, which are ideal for small companies and shops. Power backup for these inverters is automatic and noiseless.

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