545 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan-2024

By | March 18, 2024

545 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

Are you wondering what a 545 watt solar panel costs in Pakistan? In the fight against energy crises and environmental degradation, solar power has emerged as the most popular and reliable option. Premier Energy has introduced the 545 solar panel in Pakistan in response to the demands of the growing solar market and consumer desire for highly productive solar panels. The 545 Watt solar panels are among the most productive solar panels available today. The brand, quality, module characteristics, and the value of money fluctuate when it comes to the cost of a 545 watt solar panel in Pakistan. These changes lead the price of these solar panels to vary slightly from one another.

Depending on the manufacturer and seller, 545-watt solar panels in Pakistan might cost different amounts. A single panel can cost anywhere between PKR 32,000 and PKR 33,000 on average. However, the price of additional equipment, including batteries and inverters, is also included in the overall cost of installing solar panels.

The Kind Of Pakistani 545 Watt Solar Panel

The monocrystalline 545 watt solar panels with half-cell PERC technology are offered.

Industries We Work In Premier Energy operates in various industries in Pakistan. We have a lengthy record of satisfied customers in the commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial sectors who appreciate our solar installations and outstanding after-sale services. Among our clientele are:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture


Longi Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

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The cost of a longi solar panel in Pakistan might differ depending on the brand, size, and specs of the panel. Longi solar panels are renowned for their excellent performance and dependability while still being reasonably priced.

  545 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan   Features Table
Model NameLR5-72hph
Power Range545 Watt
Cell Orientation144 (6 X 24)
Maximum Efficiency21.7 %
Junction BoxIp6, Three Diodes
Maximum VoltageDc1500 V (IEC/UL)

In order to encourage more people to convert to renewable energy sources and shield Pakistan from dangerous climate conditions, Alpha Solar offers Longi solar panels at competitive and cheap prices in Pakistan. This page includes a specification and feature table in addition to a discussion of Longi solar panel costs for various sizes.

List of Pakistani Longi Solar Panel Prices

WattsEstimated Price 
53532,100 PKR 
54532,700 PKR 
55033,000 PKR 
56033,600 PKR 
57534,500 PKR 

Canadian 545 watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

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With hybrid inverters, the Canadian 545 watt solar panel is the ideal option for both residential and commercial use in Pakistan. This solar plate is one of the highest quality Tier-1 solar panels on the Pakistani market. In Pakistan in 2024, a 545 watt solar panel from Canada costs $26705.

Panel Wattage545 watt
Cell TypeMono Perc Half Cut (Mono-crystalline)
Cell Quantity2 x (12 x 6)= 144
Module Efficiency21.3%
Open Circuit Voltage49.4 volt
Short Circuit Current13.95 Ampere
Operating Voltage41.2 volt
Operating Current13.23 Ampere
Per Pallet30 Pieces
Per Container600 Piece (40 foot)
Tier QualityTier 1
Max. System VoltageDC1500 V (IEC/UL) or 1000 V (IEC/U)
Fuse Rating25 Ampere
Protection ClassClass II
Fire RatingUL Type one or two IEC Class C
GlassSingle 3.2 mm tempered glass
FrameAluminum Alloy Anodized
Solar Junction BoxIP68, 3 Bypass Diodes
Cable4mm² (Output), 12 AWG (UL)
Power Output Tolerance0 ~ + 10 W
Weight29 kg
Dimensions88.7 x 44.7 x 1.38 inches (Height x Width x Depth)
Price & Warranty
Price in PakistanRs. 26705
Warranty12 Years (Material), 25 Years (Performance)


Because 545-watt solar panels are more efficient than lower-wattage panels, they can generate more electricity in a smaller amount of space.

They are constructed from premium materials that are resistant to harsh weather, including wind, rain, and snow.

They are an affordable and practical energy solution because they are simple to install and require little upkeep.

Long warranties are included with 545-watt solar panels, guaranteeing dependable and sustainable energy production for many years to come.


Because 545-watt solar panels have a high efficiency, they may generate more electricity than panels with a lower wattage, which makes them a more economical choice over time.

They offer a clean, renewable energy source that lowers the carbon footprint of buildings, including offices and residences.

Over time, solar energy investments can result in significant cost savings by lowering electricity bills.

Solar energy is an even more alluring alternative in Pakistan because of the government’s incentives and tax reductions for investors.


545-watt solar panels might be costly to purchase initially, which limits its accessibility to low-income households.
Because solar panels need sunlight to generate energy, places with less sun exposure may find that their effectiveness is reduced.
Even with the low maintenance requirements, repairs or replacements can still be expensive.

In summary:

545-watt solar panels are a strong and effective energy source that offer a number of advantages, such as financial savings, environmental friendliness, and sustainability. Even though it could be expensive initially, the long-term advantages make the investment wise. Because of tax reductions and government incentives, solar energy is growing in popularity in Pakistan. Homeowners and businesses can profit from solar energy and lessen their carbon footprint with the appropriate equipment and installation.

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